30 Smooth BTS Butter Memes

Butter is juggernaut group BTS’ latest single as of writing. It’s a fun summer song that’s currently hitting the charts. The lyrics are light and yet sexy at the same time.

Cool shade stunner
Yeah, I owe it all to my mother
Hot like summer
Yeah, I’m makin’ you sweat like that

It looks like BTS are more confident this time and not afraid to flex their good looks, abilities, and their amazing ARMY fanbase.

Fresh boy pull up and we lay low
All the playas get movin’ when the bass low
Got ARMY right behind us when we say so

Watch their slick dance moves in this video below. Don’t you wonder how they can dance and sing so hard at the same time?

Now enjoy these fun Butter memes.

In Celebration Of #BTS_Butter

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measure

Armys With Their BTS Meal

How It Started

Army Layout

The Charts This Summer

How Jimin Got His Hair Color

Armys Realizing They Have To Break Dynamites 24 Hr Record

Butter Yoonmin

How Are Y’all So Fast With The Memes

Antis At The Grocery Store

Did You Hear The Rumor About Butter

Jungkook Butter

bts butter junkook memes

Today I Will Be Buttering Things

Butter Coming For Dynamite On The Charts Like


Hope You Have The Same Experience With Me As Well

Round 4 Lets Gooooo

You Churn Me On

bts butter churn me on memes

Waiting For Butter Like

Locals Tired Of Listening Dynamite Everywhere

Butter Yourself

bts butter namjoon memes


You’re My Butter Half

Me Everytime

Anyway Do Homework Or Watch A Butter Melt

I’m Not Crying

They Gonna Melt Our Heart

History Being Made

The Way ARMYs Streaming Butter

This Weekend Just Got A Whole Lot Butter

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