18 Breastfeeding Memes For Every Nursing Mom Who Needs A Good Laugh


Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can ever do for your baby. It gives your little one the vitamins and minerals he’ll need for the next 6 months of his life. In addition to that, breastfeeding can also improve his immunity against diseases.

Although great, breastfeeding isn’t always convenient, particularly when you’re starting to lose time for eating, sleeping, and taking care of yourself.

To show support and to make your day a little better, here’s a really funny breastfeeding meme collection we prepared just for nursing moms like you. Enjoy!

Breastfeeding Moms Be Like

Boob Now

Dud I Got The Munchies

Full Term Breastfeeding

How Did You Sleep

How I Feel

I Don’t Always Drink Milk

I Saw Dad With Mom Last Night

My Face At A 3am

Tits Out Now

Put Some Breastmilk On It

She Thinks I’m Done

Should I Sleep Or Should I Shower

So Please Tell Me How

So You’re Saying

Thank You 

My Face When

You Claimed

Pick your favorite breastfeeding meme and share it with all the nursing moms you know!