20 Breakdown Memes Which Will Make You Smile


Nowadays, everything is too busy, too rushed, and it feels like we have to be doing our best at everything all the time. No wonder many people feel like they’re having several mental breakdowns in a day.

Whether it’s an unbearable load in school or work, strained relations with people, or crippling financial woes, everybody is going through some real tough crap. Take a deep breath and pause. Remember it’s okay to not feel okay.

Scroll down the below and find a breakdown meme that will make you say, “That’s me!” and shout it out into the void.

Remember, Self

But You’re Trying

A Complete 180

How Close

Let’s Count

I Don’t Know

I’m Fine

Stay Away From Scissors

Hey, You Alright?

Selfies, Anyone?

Not Bad

Me Reminding Myself

Me Texting My Friends

On The Verge

That Face

Minor + Minor Equals Breakdown

Panic Onset

Yes, Susan

When You’re Having A Mental Breakdown

Finally Cracked

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