20 Brangelina Memes About Kids, Exes, And Breakups


Brangelina breaking up in 2016 was a huge deal way back when. Fans of the couple were severely devastated. The real-life romance of actors Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt just called out to the romantic in anyone, especially after seeing their amazing chemistry in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Fans of America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston may have felt vindicated though, as evidenced in at least one Brangelina meme.

Check out these funny memes of the Brangelina couple and see the humorous references to their big family, celebrity exes, and how true love is a hoax.

Shut Up

brangelina adopt your kids meme

So You’re Taking Me To America

brangelina america meme

You Have Been Chosen

brangelina baby chosen meme

This One Reserved For Brangelina

brangelina baby meme

#Brangelina Divorce Has No Impact On My Personal Life

brangelina divorce meme

When Jennifer Heard About Brad And Angelina

brangelina getting divorce meme

#Brangelina Got Everyone Like

brangelina got everyone like meme

Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce

brangelina jennifer aniston meme

Live Footage Of Jennifer Aniston Today

brangelina live footage meme

#Brangelina News Got Me Like

brangelina news meme

When People Are Like

brangelina omg meme

What Are You Looking At

brangelina on sale meme

Me Coming Online

brangelina online meme

Reacting To #Brangelina Like

brangelina reacting meme

How Jennifer Aniston Reacted

brangelina reaction meme

When Karma Calls 

brangelina sidechick meme

Brad And Angelina Separating

brangelina split meme

Taylor Swift Right Now

brangelina taylor swift meme

Brangelina The Later Years

brangelina the later years meme

When You Read The News

brangelina understand nothing meme

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