Obsessed and Crazy Boyfriend Memes


It goes both ways. If you think women are the only ones to get crazy in a relationship, check out these boyfriend memes.

In a stereotypical universe, men are forced to have a cool and dashing image. They’re not allowed to show feelings and much less cry. But they can be the crazy boyfriend too.

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These jokes are obviously taken to the extreme but if you find any particular one that you find very funny, make sure to share these boyfriend memes with your friends.

Hey I Just Met You And This Is Crazy

I Saw Some Guys Liked Your Picture On Facebook

If I Pretend Like I Am Trying For Long Enough

Bad Boyfriends Lock Their Phone

Where Does He Live

Im Glad You re Such A Socially Awkward Penguin

Call Me Or I’ll Find You

My Girl Ain’t Allowed To Go To The Gym

How I Look When I’m Angry

When You Have The Manliest Boyfriend

Overly Attached Asian Boyfriend

You Forgot The I

K Dramas For You

Forever Alone

She Has A Boyfriend

Ask Boyfriend To Help Make Funny Meme

Gets Angry When You Do

Ex Boyfriend Wants To Get Back Together

LDR Boyfriend

When You Kiss Her On The Forehead

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