15 Amusing Bored Memes That Are Guaranteed To Entertain You

Boredom isn’t easy to deal with. If you think about it, it’ll seem like there’s really no way around it. You have to endure it and just wish that it’ll pass soon. The problem is that it can feel like forever. And the more you wait, the more frustrated you’ll feel.

Fortunately, we have these really funny bored memes to entertain you. Scroll down and see why they’re such a hit on the internet these days.

Are You Bored

Bored Panda

Don’t Bring A Girl To A Basketball Game

I Am

I’m Bored

I’m More Bored Than This Cat


I Wish I Was Hungry

Are You Really Hungry

So Bored At Work

This Is My Excited Face

Too Bored To Do Nothing

What If I Told You

Who Else Is Bored

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