15 Borat Memes That Are So Bad You’ll Laugh

Borat is a popular satirical fictional character played by Baron Cohen. He’s a journalist who left his native country, Kazakhstan, to create a documentary in America.

Borat has these unusual behaviors most people find hilarious. Others, meanwhile, find him and his jokes offensives. Despite the conflicting opinions on Borat, the film is still well received. In fact, you can find tons of Borat memes all over the internet.

Here’s a really funny Borat meme collection that will totally make your day.

Aren’t You

Borat Fans

Buys $30 Worth

Cool Story Bro

Crazy Crazy


I Am

I Have To Stop

I’m High

I Support Your War


That’s My┬áSon

Very Nice


Uh You Saying

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