17 Funny Kardashian-Worthy Booty Memes


A booty is a non-offensive term used to talk about a person’s ass or bottom. While talking about this body part may have earned you ire in the past, the Kardashians and confidence in one’s body has made the booty a trophy for those who have it.

Check out our booty meme collection and see if anything tickles your funny bone.

Drop the weapon

Drop your weapon Booty Meme

Well that’s  a really big BOOTy

He got a big Booty Meme

I’m a simple man

I'm a simple man Booty Meme

I’m coming for the booty

I'm coming for that Booty Meme

That moment you realized its not a chair

Its not a chair Booty Meme

Its time to give respect

Its time Booty Meme

Did you see the pirate?

Look a pirate Booty Meme

Gravity doing its work

My fats fall Booty Meme

That moment when the rock has a better booty than you

Rock Booty Meme

Someone please calm down JHope … and the bootySomeone control jhope Booty Meme

Booty so amazing you have to take notes

Take a note Booty Meme

Meet Jibooty, the cutest booty of them all

The jibooty Booty Meme

Sitting at the back

The perks of sitting at the back Booty Meme

My booty radar has sensed something

When you and your friend Booty Meme

Booty detected at 3 o’clockWhen you see booty from a distance Booty Meme

Who did this?

Your soul was trap Booty Meme

Do you have your own harmless booty meme jokes too? Share them with us!