21 Funny Blyat Memes For Counter Strike Players


Anyone who’s played Counter-Strike before will have familiarized themselves with the Cyka Blyat meme. While the literal meaning of this word is a little too vulgar for us to describe here, it’s still an amusing expression the community picked up on which a certain salty portion of the CS player base use way too much, typically of Russian descent. It’s so people that non-Russians have come to using this expression way too much as well!

If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike, scroll down to see some memes you might be familiar with. If not, there might be something that’ll give you a chuckle as well!

When The Ancestry Test Comes Back

blyat meme adidas is part of my religion

When The Army Is Out Of Bullets

blyat meme comissar

When Russians See A Creeper In Minecraft

blyat meme creeper minecraft

Russian Boi In CS

blyat meme cs go

When You Cyka

blyat meme cyka


blyat meme fastest way to learn russian

Sergei Sergei

blyat meme go gulag

In 2013

blyat meme heavy slavic breathing (2)

When You Find Out You’re 2% Russian

bylat meme 2 percent russian

What Happens When You Hit Someone

bylat meme awp

Scientists Invent Bracelet

bylat meme electric shock

My Team

bylat meme my team

Oh So You’re Russian

bylat meme name every vodka brand

In Soviet Russia

bylat meme pikachu catches you

Please Do Not Pet

bylat meme radioactive puppies from chernobyl

We Drive On The Right

bylat meme road is road

Some Russian Guy On A Server

bylat meme russian guy on the server

Russians When They See Someone Using Kilometers Per Hour

bylat meme sees someone who uses kilometers per hour

When You Are Solo Queuing In MM

bylat meme solo queuing in mm

Excuse Me

bylat meme what the blyat

I Wear Adidas

i wear adidas blyat meme