20 Adorable Bird Memes That’ll Tickle Your Heart

Birds may not be as fluffy as dogs or as curious as cats but they are surely a star in their own right. They are clever, loyal and ridiculously charming.

And you know what else?

They can be seriously funny, too. This collection of adorable bird memes can prove that.

Your Argument Is Invalid

You Make Me Blush

I Know There Is Something

Shut Your Beak

Time For Tickle

Headed For Great Height

My Name Is Steven

Don’t Judge Me

Do You Smell Coffee Bird Meme

Haters Gonna Hate Secretary Bird Meme

This Is Not Soup

Does Anyone Else Think Tony Might Be Gay

I See A Lot Of Stories About People

The Bird Keeps Itself In The Air

Fact About Angry Bird

Single Lady Bird

A Certain Surprised Bird

I Am The Almighty

Owls That Needs Coffee

I Have More Conversations With My Cats

Which is your favorite bird meme? Don’t forget to share this collection with your friends!

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