20 Funny Memes To Lighten Up Your Bipolar Friend

Depression and bipolar disorder are two things you should never ignore or take for granted. Always offer support to your friends who are suffering from them. And to help cheer them up, we have collected these 20 funny bipolar memes you can use.

Awww My Momma Gonna Tell Bipolar On Me

Bipolar Disorder Y U No Get Cured?

Bipolar? I Thought Everyone Thought Like Me

Bipolar People Bipolar People Everywhere

Give Me Attention I Hate You Go Away Bipolar

Hmm… Did I Take My Meds

I Hate Being Bipolar It’s Awesome

I Really Want You To Pet Me 

bipolar meme cat


I Want To Bite You And Play Fetch

I Was Unhappy Earlier Today But Now I’m Happy Again

I Went To The Doctor And Found Out I’m Not Bipolar

If I Could Go Ahead And Not Be Bipolar For The Day

I’m Bipolar. I Am Other People.

Joined Bipolar Support Group

Not Just A Polar Bear

The Voices In My Head

Was Depressed Today

What If Bipolar Disorder Is The Result Of 2 Souls Sharing The Same Body

You’re Bipolar And You Went Shopping Anyway

Bipolar Why Either Make Me Fat Or Insane?

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