20 Funny Memes From President Joe Biden’s Inauguration


A president being sworn into office is always a solemn and serious affair. Especially after all that has happened in the Capitol Building this 2021 with Trump supporters storming the building and surrounding area, President Joe Biden’s inauguration became an even more historic moment.

Despite the missing crowds because of the pandemic, people still found humor in this special day. Although the audience was small in size, it was a heavyweight in terms of the notable personalities that came to see the new president being sworn in.

See the funny memes that came about thanks to the Obamas, Lady Gaga, Garth Brookes, and more. But do you know who stole the show? Bernie Sanders.


Lady Gaga Accidentally Being Sworn In As President Tomorrow

inauguration being sworn in memes

I Feel Like Every Show Should Have One Of These Cams

inauguration bernie cam memes

This Could’ve Been An Email

inauguration bernie sanders memes

What Should I Wear For The Inauguration

inauguration bernie sanders wife memes

Very Cool To Include The Cheesecake Factory Menu In This Special Ceremony

inauguration cheesecake factory menu memes

Joe Biden Got The Bible Dumbledore Kept In The Headmaster’s Office

inauguration dumbledore bible memes

Find Ava Max

inauguration find ava memes

When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Gaga

inauguration gaga memes

Garth Brooks Singing Amazing Grace

inauguration garth brooks memes

He Seems Like A Very Happy Old Man Looking Forward To A Bright And Wonderful Future

inauguration greta thunberg memes

Hunger Games

inauguration hunger games memes

Lady Gaga Went From Star Wars To Hunger Games Real Quick

inauguration lady gaga memes

Today We Are All Leslie Knope

inauguration leslie knope memes

My Cat When JLo Broke Into “Let’s Get Loud”

inauguration lets get loud memes

Me Long After The Pandemic

inauguration mingling at a party memes

Hell Yeah

inauguration necronomicon memes

Congrats To President-Elect Stefani Germanotta

inauguration president elect memes

Wake Me Up When He Plays A Sax Solo

inauguration sax solo memes

Bernie Dressed Like The Inauguration Is On His To Do List Today

inauguration to do list memes

What Like It’s Hard

inauguration what like its hard memes

See all the funny memes that came about from Bernie Sanders being spotted at the Inauguration of President Biden.