17 Funny Bernie Sanders Memes For Those Who Need Support


Bernie Sanders may have had to suspend his campaign but he won the meme race when he asked for financial support from his followers. In his tweet, he said the magic words, “I am once again asking for financial support”.

Since then, the phrase has been used in a variety of funny ways from kids asking their parents for cash to poking fun at YouTube for constantly peddling their premium subscriptions.

Check out all the funny memes that have spawned out of Bernie Sander’s campaign tweet.

When You Tell People You Just Want Cash For Your Birthday

bernie sanders birthday memes

My Cat At 4Am

bernie sanders cat memes

When The Class Does Not Listen

bernie sanders class does not listen memes

Clingy Exes

bernie sanders clingy exes memes

10-year-old Me

bernie sanders club penguin memes

When Your Code Doesn’t Work

bernie sanders code memes

College Kids Calling Home For The First Time In 3 Months

bernie sanders college kids memes

Shows Grandma How To Turn Off Her Wifi

bernie sanders grandma memes

Please Stop Asking Us For Money

bernie sanders my parents memes

That One Kid In Class Every Morning

bernie sanders homework memes

Someone Tells Me Their Name

bernie sanders name memes

Nine Year Old Me To My Mom After Going To The Store

bernie sanders nerf blaster memes

Scholastic Book Fair Comes To My School

bernie sanders scholastic book fair memes

Ships Lost At Sea Be Like

bernie sanders ships lost at sea memes

Kids At School

bernie sanders vending machine memes

Wikipedia When You Refresh The Page

bernie sanders wikipedia memes

No One

bernie sanders youtube memes

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