40 Funny Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes That Stole The Show


President Joe Biden’s inauguration may not be the most attended but it sure had some of the most notable names in politics and history in attendance. However, it was not the Obamas, the Clintons, or even Lady Gaga who stole the show. It was Bernie Sanders in his “meme” coat and homemade mittens trying to keep warm in the cold.

Trust us when we say we could have easily shared a hundred Bernie Sanders inauguration memes but here are 40 of our top favorites. Enjoy!

It’s That Easy

bernie sanders amazon pay inauguration memes

Part Of DX

bernie sanders as part of dx inauguration memes

At Bird Box

bernie sanders at bird box inauguration memes

At The Hot Ones

bernie sanders at hot ones inauguration memes

Meeting At The Office

bernie sanders at the office inauguration memes

At The Queen’s Gambit

bernie sanders at the queens gambit inauguration memes

Baby Bernie

bernie sanders baby yoda inauguration memes

Black Sabbath

bernie sanders black sabbath inauguration memes


bernie sanders bridgerton inauguration memes

Hanging Out With BTS

bernie sanders bts inauguration memes

Chairman Sanders Overseeing Congressional Budget

bernie sanders chairman inauguration memes

Bernie Go Home

bernie sanders et inauguration memes

Feels-Like Temperatures

bernie sanders feels like temperature inauguration memes

At The Fellowship Of The Ring

bernie sanders fellowship of the ring lotr inauguration memes

I Am Once Again Asking You To Find Bernie

bernie sanders find bernie inauguration memes

Sitting At The Iron Throne

bernie sanders game of throne inauguration memes

If You Add Googly Eyes To Bernie’s Mittens

bernie sanders googly eyes inauguration memes

That’s Okay I’ll Wait

bernie sanders ill wait inauguration memes

At Disneyland

bernie sanders in disney land inauguration memes

This Could’ve Been An Email

bernie sanders inauguration email memes

I Am Once Again Wearing This Jacket

bernie sanders inauguration i am once again wearing this jacket memes

At The Jedi Council

bernie sanders jedi council inauguration memes

Justice Society Of America

bernie sanders justice society of america inauguration memes

King Of Pride Rock

bernie sanders king of pride rock inauguration memes

A National Treasure

bernie sanders national treasure inauguration memes

Find Bernie

bernie sanders never gets old inauguration memes

Panic At The Disco

bernie sanders panic at the disco inauguration memes

With The Sorting Hat

bernie sanders sorting hat inauguration memes

Steal His Look

bernie sanders steal his look inauguration memes

Fixed It

bernie sanders vogue inauguration memes

Waiting For Disney Parades To Come Back

bernie sanders waiting for disney parade inauguration memes

Your Order Has Been Shipped

bernie sanders waiting for orders inauguration memes

Why Do Y’all Play So Much

bernie sanders with construction workers inauguration memes

With Deadpool

bernie sanders with deadpool inauguration memes

With Forrest Gump

bernie sanders with forrest gump inauguration memes

Gangnam Style

bernie sanders with psy inauguration memes

With Sad Keanu

bernie sanders with sad keanu inauguration memes

With Taylor Swift

bernie sanders with taylor swift inauguration memes

And We’re Just Gonna Paint A Cold Little Bernie Right Here

cold little bernie sanders inauguration memes

Tiny Bernie

mini bernie sanders inauguration memes

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