20 Entertaining Bee Memes You Just Can’t Ignore

Bees are hardworking insects. They visit about 50 to 100 flowers for every trip they take just to get nectar and pollen back to their hive. They exert a lot of effort collecting food and storing them for later use. Impressive, right?

Apart from being hardworking, bees are also popular in the world of memes. And as proof, we’ve put together this bee meme collection to impress you more.

What Kinda Bee Produces Milk

I Dunno Man


According To All Known Laws Of Aviation

I Came To Say Hello

I Don’t Usually Sting You

Where Does A Bee Sit

I’m So Busy

We Only Sting

My Milk Thistle Brings

Instead Of Be

One Tea Spoon Of Honey

I Bee Missing You

Bee Keepers Have The Prettiest Eyes

Good Morning My Honey Humble Bumble

Humping A Flower


Spends Every Day Pollinating Flowers

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