20 Funny Be Like Bill Meme Life Lessons


Social media is fun but it can be a trap. How many times have we scrolled through our Twitter or Facebook feed and seen something offensive to our sensibilities? We feel our patience snapping and we go into the cyber version of a road rage on the Internet.

In the future, if you ever need a reminder to keep your cool, just slap a “be like Bill” meme on your forehead. The first ever Be Like Bill meme happened to be this one:

be like bill

Since then, a lot of funny iterations have been shared. They all have the same similarities though. There’s the super artistic stick figure, a trigger, and ultimately, Bill being smart.

So when you feel yourself being un-smart, remind yourself of these Be Like Bill memes.

Check them out!

Bill As A Developer

be like bill developer meme

This Is Bill Driving

be like bill driving meme

Bill Is On Facebook

be like bill facebook meme

This Is Bill

be like bill fb post meme

Bill Buys His Girlfriend Flowers Occasionally

be like bill flowers meme

Bill Likes Music

be like bill music meme

Bill Likes To Play Games With His Nephew

be like bill nephew meme

Bill Likes Playing Games On Facebook

be like bill playing games meme

Bill Sees A Picture

be like bill post meme

Bill Has A Girlfriend

be like bill girlfriend meme

Bill Goes To The Gym

be like bill gym meme again

Bill Went To School

be like bill school meme

Bill Wakes Up

be like bill snowing meme

Bill Goes To Starbucks

be like bill starbucks meme

Bill Likes To Travel

be like bill travel meme

This Is Bill

be like bill test meme

Bill Has Two Kids

be like bill two kids meme

Bill Goes On A Vacation

be like bill vacation meme

Bill Likes To Work Out At The Gym

be like bill workout meme

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