20 Hilarious Memes of the Lovable Barney Stinson


How I Met Your Mother is one of the greats of American sitcom. And of the whole cast, Barney Stinson is the runaway breakout character. He may be an oversexed and manipulative character, but he is adorable in his own specially charming and dashing way.

His catchphrases are very distinct – from “Suit up!”, “What up?!”, “Legendary”, “Wait for it”, and the trouble-making “Challenge accepted!”. Check out all his special quirks and what makes him awesome in these Barney Stinson memes.

Without Me

barney stinson aweso meme


barney stinson awesome meme

That Awkward Moment

barney stinson awkward moment meme

Call Me Broda

barney stinson broda meme

Desperation Day

barney stinson desperation day meme

When God Answers Your Prayers For Financial Help

barney stinson financial help meme

I Tried To Be Friendzoned

barney stinson friendzoned meme

A Lie Is A Great Story That Somebody Ruined With The Truth

barney stinson lie meme

Barney Stinson’s Totally Awesome Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

barney stinson harry potter pickup line meme

You Know You Are Awesome When You’re Reading About Your Self

barney stinson newspaper meme

I Have One Rule

barney stinson one rule meme

You Guys Are Forgetiing Barney Stinson Has A Super Power

barney stinson super power meme

When You Text Her Good Morning Beautiful

barney stinson thanks buddy meme

The Hot Crazy Scale

barney stinson the hot crazy scale meme

The Lemon Law

barney stinson the lemon law meme

Barney Stinson

barney stinson the original ridiculously photogenic guy meme

The Playboook

barney stinson the playbook meme

Valentine’s Day

barney stinson valentines day meme

Barney Stinson

barney stinson what i actually do meme

What Is Your Worst Flaw

barney stinson worst flaw meme

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