20 Band Memes You and Your Friends Can Relate To


Are you in a band? Have you ever felt like telling your friends about band practice but you just can’t seem to find the words? Or you just need to brag to your friends that you’re in a band. You just need that one picture that says everything you need but don’t have words for.

Or maybe you just need these band memes you and your friends can relate to especially when everyone still has holiday hangovers like Freddie Mercury of Queen played a concert in your backyard the whole week.

Better Check

Don’t Follow

Eanding Early

Hey Percussion

I Can Do This

I’m In A “Band”

Elsa getting nervous

Flute line like it hot

When The Marching Band Gets A Break

Starts A Band

You Know You’re In Trouble When


What If Band

So You’re New…

Don’t Touch My Trumpet

I Can Still Play…

I’m Quitting Band

Practicing After Two Weeks

Trophies Go Here

Ticket Sales Going Down

I hope you enjoyed these band memes. Did you want more? Go check out our throat punch meme collection for that one person in your life that won’t go away