17 Funny Memes By And For Balkans


Nobody can find the humor in one’s unique culture and origins than locals and natives themselves. We know the idiosyncrasies and quirks of our people. It may be about food, how we talk, our homes, our relationships, or maybe even our food.

Check out these funny Balkan memes made presumably by Balkans to make fun of each other. Just be careful of stereotypes!


balkan aliens meme

Balkans At Any Time In History

balkan anytime in history meme

Balkan Cake

balkan cake meme

Balkan Couples Be Like

balkan couples be like meme


balkan drinking pattern meme

No One

balkan eating fruit meme

When You Give Your Non-Balkan Friend Balkan Food

balkan embrace my culture meme

Balkan Families Be Like

balkan families meme

Only Balkans Will Understand

balkan food meme

Balkan Girl

balkan girl meme

When You Have A Balkan Grandma

balkan grandma meme

Cost Of Meat

balkan meat meal meme

One Does Not Simply

balkan music meme

Someone Posts A Balkan Meme

balkan post meme


balkan potholes meme


balkan priorities meme

Mum I’m Going Out

balkan protective parents meme