30 Funny Bad Luck Brian Memes


Have you ever woken up and then proceeded to have the worst day ever? As in, it’s so bad that you feel like you’re hounded by bad luck? Welcome to Bad Luck Brian’s world.

Interestingly, Brian isn’t Brian in real life. His name is Kyle and the photo is from his yearbook photograph. A long-time friend posted his photo on Reddit with the caption: Takes driving test… gest first DUI.

Yup, what you’re looking at is the first ever meme that would spawn a million other hilarious memes about this plaid-wearing guy with a mouth full of braces.

Now let’s see the best Bad Luck Bryan memes below.

100% In Math Test

About To Have Terrible Diarrhea

Dad Yells Break A Leg

Downloads One Song

Eats A Loaded Burrito

Farts 47 Times On Plane

Finally Finds The Verse

Finally Makes Crush Laugh

Finally Saves Enough Money For Xbox One

Fully Prepares For Zombie Apocalypse

Gets Blown By A Girl

Gets Letter From Crush On Valentine’s Day

Given The Silent Treatment

Has Pet Rock

Invited To Play A Game

Just Bought Skyrim DLC

Laughing At Fail Videos

Only Facebook Friend Is Mom

Parents Get Divorced

Parents Say He Is Not The Favorite

Plays McDonald’s Monopoly

Pulls Out Flashdrive Without Ejecting

Ringtone Goes Off At Funeral

Still Gets Bullied

Studied 12 Years On Med School

Takes Recommended Scoop

Tries To Mute Porn

Waits In Line For 3 Hours

Waits Whole Life For Zombie

Wins Free Cruise

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