Inspirational Autism Quotes and Sayings

Autism quotes are simply as special and as unique as people with autism themselves. If you have a family member or a beloved with autism, then you know how it is to live with this condition. Anybody who has overcome the challenges and obstacles on the spectrum is definitely a person who inspires a great deal of hope and inspiration.

Here are some autism quotes for you. Some will make you smile. Some will make you nod. But definitely, all of these quotes will make you think.

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done. – Dr. Temple Grandin

And now I know it is perfectly natural for me not to look at someone when I talk. Those of us with Asperger’s are just not comfortable doing it. In fact, I don’t really understand why it’s considered normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs. – John Elder Robison

Autism … offers a chance for us to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world that might otherwise pass us by. – Dr. Colin Zimbleman, Ph.D.

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For autistic individuals to succeed in this world, they need to find their strengths and the people that will help them get to their hopes and dreams. In order to do so, the ability to make and keep friends is a must. Amongst those friends, there must be mentors to show them the way. A supportive environment where they can learn from their mistakes is what we as a society needs to create for them. – Bill Wong, Autistic Occupational Therapist

Our wounds and hurts and fears are in our eyes. Humans think they build ‘walls’ for internal privacy. They think eye contact is about honesty but they mostly lie because they think they can hide their intent. Eye contact is invasive. – Carol Ann Edscorn

The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box. They’ll make what they need, they’ll make their own boxes. – Dr. Temple Grandin

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There tends to be a lot of autism around the tech centers… when you concentrate the geeks, you’re concentrating the autism genetics. – Temple Grandin

By including children with different learning abilities in mainstream and specialized schools, we can change attitudes and promote respect. By creating suitable jobs for adults with autism, we integrate them into society. – Ban Ki-moon

Autism does exist on a spectrum, and there are so many manifestations of it, so many kinds of expressions of it. And every case is particular. – Claire Danes

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It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village. – Coach Elaine Hall

Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley. – Temple Grandin

As a mom, you worry about protecting your kid. But there are extra added layers of fears when you’re talking about a kid with autism or who has some special needs issue. – Holly Robinson Peete

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Often autism is portrayed in the media as a very negative condition, as something that prevents somebody from communicating or from socializing or from being able to have any kind of normal, happy life. – Daniel Tammet

I look at autism like a bus accident, and you don’t become cured from a bus accident, but you can recover. – Jenny McCarthy

I decided to study special education and fell in love with working with individuals with autism. That’s what I planned to do with my life. – Clay Aiken

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I have a condition called Aspergers Syndrome, which is like a mild form of autism It means I don’t interact properly in certain social situations. – Gary Numan

From a scientific standpoint, Aspergers and autism are one syndrome. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum, not a separate disorder. – Temple Grandin

What is important is to treat everyone like an individual and learning not to generalize autism. With autism, people make assumptions, but it’s very broad, and everyone’s so different. You have to treat each person as an individual. – Nikki Reed

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One in 150 kids is autistic these days. The autism spectrum is growing. – Luke Ford

My autism is a very mild form. It was diagnosed at the age of 25, partly because it wasn’t diagnosable as a teenager (this is Asperger’s syndrome, specifically). But there were certainly traits within that condition, within the autism spectrum in general, especially at the high functioning end, that I think are best looked at as pluses. – Daniel Tammet

Hope is the greatest thing for moms of autism. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning. I’m on a mission to tell parents that there is a way. – Jenny McCarthy

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I wished to God the doctor had handed me a pamphlet that said, ‘Hey, sorry about the autism, but here’s a step-by-step list on what to do next.’ But doctors don’t do that. They say ‘sorry’ and move you along. – Jenny McCarthy

A friend of mine works for Autism Speaks. It’s an amazing cause that is making a real difference in the lives of so many people. – Adrienne Bailon

Autism doesn’t have to define a person. Artists with autism are like anyone else: They define themselves through hard work and individuality. – Adrienne Bailon

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Sometimes people say that kids with autism aren’t capable of love. That’s ridiculous. My son loves deeply. He just doesn’t communicate well. – Claire Scovell LaZebnik

As a parent with a child with autism, it’s been really tough to experience your child having autism. – Deron Williams

This is a FOREVER journey with this creative, funny, highly intelligent, aggressive, impulsive, nonsocial, behavioral, often times loving individual. The nurse said to me after 6 hours with him ‘He is a gift’ INDEED he is. – Janet Frenchette Held, Parent

Although people with autism look like other people physically, we are in fact very different…We are more like travelers from the distant, distant past. And if, by our being here, we could help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the Earth, that might give us quiet pleasure. – Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump

What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning. – Chuck Grassley

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Life is… not about counting the losses and the lost expectations, but rather swimming, with as much grace as can be mustered, in the joy of all of it. – Leisa Hammett

Not everyone is perfect. There is always an imperfect side to everyone. – Finn Christie, Age 10, on making Perfect Babies

Stop thinking about normal…You don’t have a big enough imagination for what your child can become. – Johnny Seitz, autistic tightrope artists in the movie Loving Lamposts

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English is my 2nd language. Autism is my first. – Dani Bowman

We are the doorway into a New World Order that is based on love and heart. We have the heart key. We only need the respect of others to learn how to serve wisely and kindly. – Lyrica, nonverbal, from the book Awetizm

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My autism is the reason I’m in college and successful. It’s the reason I’m good in math and science. It’s the reason I care. – Jacob Barnett, sixteen-year old math and physics prodigy

By holding the highest vision for your child when they can not see it for themselves, you are lifting them up, elevating them and helping them to soar. – Megan Koufos

Within every living child exists the most precious bud of self-identity. To search this out and foster it with loving care; that is the essence of educating an autistic child. – Dr. Kiyo Kitahara

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Autism is really more of a difference to be worked with rather than a monolithic enemy that needs to be slain or destroyed. – Stephen Shore, PhD

I view ‘autistic’ as a word for a part of how my brain works, not for a narrow set of behaviors and certainly not for a set of boundaries of a stereotype that I have to stay inside. – Amanda Baggs

My autism is like the taste of tepid saké, different but interesting. – Sue Rubin

Our duty in aut­ism is not to cure but to re­lieve suf­fer­ing and to max­im­ize each per­son’s po­ten­tial. – John Elder Robison

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