20 Humorous Asian Memes You’ve Probably Never Seen Before


Asians are known for a lot of things. They have a rich culture, great dishes, and traditions that can easily impress anyone. Asians also happen to have a happy disposition. You’ll find them smiling most of the time, even if they are currently going through some challenges. And because of how unique they are, the internet can’t get enough of them that Asians are often made a subject of memes.

For today, here’s a collection of really funny Asian memes you’ve probably never seen before. Enjoy!

If At First

Mom Why U Take Away

Birthday Cake

Got 100% On Math

Accidently Runs Over Dog

Stop Me If You Heard This One

You Got B

I Walk On The Streets

Has Taken Away Food


When You Think Your Eyes

Asians Be Like

Skips Class

Happy Birthday

Parents Tell Him

Wing Wing Wing

Goes On A First Date

When You Really Have A Cold

The Moment He Realized

This Is How I Feel

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