25 Funny Asian Memes You’ll Be Able To Relate To


Asians are generally known as heart-warming and happy people. They are also known to be strict when it comes to studying and getting good grades. Asian parents expect a lot from their children and this forces them to work extra hard and succeed at school.

And because of this, Asians are frequently the subject not just of jokes but memes, too. Check out this funny Asian meme collection we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to.

A+ On Math

After You Are Done Studying

Asian Female Drivers

Didn’t Study 10 Min Before Exam

Dont Stop Berrievin


Finally Class Is Over

Gets Into Harvard

Ginger Asian

Got 100% On Math

Has Take Away Food

I Already Told Apple

If At First You Don’t Succeed

I Walk On The Streets

No Little Asian

Only In Chinese Class

Skips Class

Soy Sauce

Spelling Bee

Sum Ting

The Face Asians Make

You Get Hepatitis B

Your Mother Gave Birth To You In C-section

You Want Go Music School

You Win Spelling B

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