18 Archer Memes For Some Adult Humor


Welcome, Archer fans! We know you’re here for our collection of funny Archer memes.

Just make sure you don’t leave the donuts lying around. Because ants. Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.

For a big dose of adult humor, here are your humorous Archer memes rife with highlights from the TV series.

When You Pull A 360 No Scope

archer 360 no scope meme

This Is How We Get Ants

archer ants meme

Cereal Kept In An Unsealed Container

archer cereal meme

Infinity Was Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History

archer crossover meme

If I Stop Drinking All At Once

archer cumulative hangover meme

Do You Want To Enter The Danger Zone

archer danger zone meme

When You Cast Darkvision

archer darkvision meme

Doctor Told Me To Drink More Water

archer drink more water meme

When You Find Out Your Friends Also Watch Archer

archer friends meme

When He’s Funny

archer funny meme

Do You Want To Get Drunk

archer get drunk meme

When You Navigate Somewhere With Google Maps

archer google maps meme

Jesus Lana

archer jawas meme

Call Kenny Loggins

archer kenny loggins meme

Roses Are Red

archer roses are red meme

When Bae Wants To Hang Out

archer shark week meme

Do You Want The Upside Down

archer upside down meme

Winter Is Coming

archer winter is coming meme

Share an Archer meme with your adult friends today. Now time to watch some reruns.