20 April Fools Memes That’ll Get You In The Spirit

A lot of people are looking forward to the first day of April. It’s when they get to throw those April Fools‘ jokes to their family and friends. However, although it now seems like tradition, not everyone finds the idea entertaining. In fact, April Fools’ joke can be irritating and annoying, particularly if they’re all you see throughout the day.

Whether you enjoy them or not, we prepared a special collection for you. Check out the memes below and tell us your favorite April Fools meme!

Brace Yourselfes

Not Sure If Legit

Who Needs April Fools

It’s April

Where Reddit On April Fools Day

This Will Be My Look

Trump Announces Candidancy

When April Fools’ Day Is Over

The Face You Make When

April Fools Everywhere

I Pity

What If April Fools Day

Opps April Fools 

April Fools Day

I Don’t Need April Fools’ Day

I’m Retiring

Hey I Found Out I’m Not Pregnant

It’s April Fools Man

April Fools Day Pranks You

You Can’t Be Tricked On April Fools Day

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