20 Anti-Joke Chicken Memes For The Anti-Joker


Jokes have since evolved from ones with punch lines to those with, well, no punch lines. The idea is to ruin the expectation by providing straight-up answers instead.┬áThe absence of a punch line becomes the joke itself. Accompanied by a diligent chicken which took a day of leave from farm duties, we’re now served with anti-joke chicken memes. And they’re finger-licking good.

If you like your humor with a twist, then an anti-joke chicken meme might be right up your alley.

A German, An Italian And A French Guy

A Man Walks Into A Bar

And Smells Like Blue Paint

Between ‘Pi’ And The Euler-Number

Black Cat Gives You Bad Luck

Call A Black Priest

Why Did The Chicken Cross

Girl Walks Into A Bar

Has To Wear Large Clothes

Man Runs Over A Woman

Knock Knock

Man Who Got Electricuted

She Went On A Diet

The Pitch Stability Augmentation System

Rick And Morty Crashed A Ship

Why Couldn’t The Hispanic Guy

Why Did My iPhone Screen

Why Did The Farmer Milk A Cow

Why Do Black People Like Fried Chicken

Why Do Black People Smell

Wow! You’ve amazing eyesight if you’re still not cross-eyed from so much orange, pink, and chicken. If you enjoyed these, you might want to check out our funny chicken nugget memes.