20 Frustrated And Angry Walter Memes


Have you ever felt like it’s you against the world? If yes, then what you need is an Angry Walter meme.

With the rise of social media, public opinion has never been louder. It’s great when you have mutuals who think along the same lines as you. However, it’s a big bummer when yours is the decidedly unpopular opinion.

Enter this scene from The Big Lebowski where Walter becomes so frustrated with people not following bowling rules that he draws his gun and says, “Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?”

You can’t do anything violent but you CAN send off an Angry Walter meme. Check out these hilarious memes.


angry walter 12 meme

Who Thinks If You Spell A Word The Same Way

angry walter autocorrect meme

Who Wants To Build A Wall

angry walter build a wall meme

Who Knows How To Properly Use Desu

angry walter desu meme

That Doesn’t Care About Famous People

angry walter famous people meme

Who Honestly Doesn’t Like Cats

angry walter does not like cats meme

Still Has A Fidget Spinner

angry walter fidget spinner meme

Flappy Bird

angry walter flappy bird meme

Things Crushed By A Hydraulic Press

angry walter hydraulic press meme


angry walter literally meme

My Little Ponies

angry walter little ponies meme

Solution To Gun Violence

angry walter more guns meme

Empties The Pencil Sharpener

angry walter pencil sharpener meme

Pokemon Go Memes

angry walter pokemon go meme

Hates The Way He Posed

angry walter posed meme

Uses Private Browsing

angry walter private browsing meme

Who Would Rather Be Told No

angry walter rather be told no meme

Who Still Reads Books

angry walter reads books meme

Severe Hormonal Disbalance

angry walter severe hormonal imbalance meme

Thinks Walter Is Too Angry

too angry walter meme

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