20 Best Among Us Memes From the Hit Game


Among Us is game that’s taken the world by storm. It’s a variation of the classic game of betrayal, Mafia, wherein you must vote the randomly selected bad guys out through deduction, reasoning, and teamwork. Meanwhile, the other side has to kill everyone before that happens. Funnily enough, Among Us didn’t start off as the big hit it is today. It started as a relatively small indie game with a small player base, but thanks to popular Twitch streamers picking it up, player counts popped off.

Since then, a mountain’s worth of memes have emerged. In, particular, the game has highly popularized the term “sus” which is short for suspicious. Below are some of best Among Us memes we could gather so feel free to peruse!

Arguing Who Is More Sus

a point among us memes

Be Suspicious

be suspicious among us memes

Building Trust Between Crewmates

building trust among us memes

Communicating With Ghosts For Sus

communicating ghosts among us memes

How Among Us Courtroom Looks

courtroom among us memes

Among Us Crewmates Logic

crewmates logic among us memes

When Anyone Enters The Same Room You Are In

danger among us memes

When You Start Doubting Everything

doubt everything among us memes

Flawless Argument

flawless argument among us memes


imposter among us memes

Mini Crewmates Need To Be Useful

mini crewmates among us memes

I Am A Man Now

not a man among us memes

Time To Panic

panic among us memes

Impostor Says Where

says where among us memes

Almost Got It

so close among us memes

Do You Trust Me

synergy among us memes

The Wires

the wires among us memes

When Everyone Wears The Same Hat Except You

this is not ok among us memes

Sacrificial Vote

vote your impostor among us memes

Not Much Work

work around here among us memes