Love Conspiracy Theories? Here Are Some Alex Jones Memes


If you love conspiracy theories (the crazier, the better), then you’ll love these Alex Jones memes.

Alex Jones is the talk show host of a talk show named after him. A right-wing conspiracy theorist, he has made statements about the US government having a hand in pivotal historical events and man-made disasters.

Check out all the crazy and funny Alex Jones memes we’ve curated for you.

I’ve Got Tickets To See Amy Winehouse

alex jones amy winehouse memes

Stop Saying I Said It Didn’t Happen

alex jones animal human hybrids memes

Sandy Hook Didn’t Happen

alex jones bad guy memes

I Promise I Won’t Bring Up Any Conspiracy Theories

alex jones conspiracy theories memes

When The Liberals Are Putting Chemicals In The Water

alex jones frogs memes

Those Goddam Gay Frogs Finally Censored Me From Social Mediaaaaa

alex jones gay frogs memes

We Need Guns In Case We Need To Throw Over The Evil Goobermint

alex jones guns memes

Mr. Trump I Don’t Feel So Good

alex jones i dont feel so good memes

I Really Don’t Think That Interdimensional Vampires Are Molesting Babies

alex jones interdimensional vampires memes

Roses Are Red

alex jones lizard people memes

Alex Jones When Finds Out Sandy Hook Kids Are Still Alive

alex jones sandy hook memes

When The Test Is Open Note

alex jones test memes

Me Trying To Understand Me And The Boys

alex jones understanding me and the boys memes

When You’re More Careful Managing Your Money In Video Games

alex jones video games memes

Me After Drinking Vitamin Water For A Month

alex jones vitaminwater memes

Beware those evil frog legs!