18 Memes That Show Why The Air Fryer Is God-Tier


Forget the microwave. Forget the oven. Air fryers? Now that’s the good stuff. If you wanna cut down on the amount of oil you use to cook and the harmful effects of oil frying, then you might want to look into getting one of these bad boys. Air frying cuts down calories and fat intake compared to traditional oil frying. Health benefits aside, air fryer supremacy has blown up across the globeā€”so much so that it’s become somewhat of a meme.

If you want to see how people have made a religion out of the air fryer, look no further. These memes should encapsulate the phenomenon quite adequately. If you find yourself amused, share this with your friends! They’re sure to have a laugh or two.

My Parents At Age 23

air fryer age 23 meme

Thank You For Changing My Life

air fryer changing my life meme

My Chicken Nuggets In The Air Fryer

air fryer chicken nuggets meme


air fryer clearly meme

My Little Cousin

air fryer easy bake oven meme

Me Excitedly Explaining To My Mom

air fryer explaining meme

Imagine Taking An Hour To Cook Food

air fryer gang meme

People Who Own An Air Fryer

air fryer have one meme

When You Trynna Impress Her With Your Air Frying Skills

air fryer impress her meme

The Oven Watching Me Use The Air Fryer

air fryer oven meme

Oven And Microwave Users

air fryer oven microwave users meme

How People Who Own An Air Fryer Look

air fryer people meme

When I Don’t Know What To Eat

air fryer something meme

Air Fryer Comparison

air fryer striking similarity meme

Realizes That I Left The Food On The Air Fryer

air fryer the food meme

When My Mama Asks What I’ve Made In The Air Fryer She Bought Me

air fryer uncrustables meme

Who Said Air Fryer

air fryer who said meme

You Get An Air Fryer

air fryer you get meme