20 Advice God Meme


With how life revolves around the internet nowadays, even religion isn’t safe. Christianity, in particular, is made recipient of wicked jokes that poke fun at bibilical and religious contradictions.

As you go along in life, it’s only natural to question some things about the world, why we exist, and other universal matters we talk about during happy hours. So, for your general ponderance involving existence and all that, allow these advice god memes to get you started for an amusing warm-up.

Let’s scroll now, shall we? We might get punished some time later.

Before It Was Mainstream

Can’t Be Blamed For Evil

Condones Slavery

Contradict That Stuff

Creates Childlike Beings

Do You Really Love Me

First Thing I Told You

Forbidden Fruit

I Made That Yesterday

In Your Mother’s Womb

Jeremiah 1:5

Makes Man In Own Image

Makes Ten Commandments

Nobody Deserves Heaven

Prefers Kind Atheists

Says Meme Is Ignorant

SIDS In Third World Countries

I Help Those Who Help

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Tower Of Babel

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