A True Friend Is Someone Who Sees The Pain In Your Eyes



  • irish golda escalona

    A true friend will never judge you. They will stand by you no matter what you believe or what you do. They may not agree with you, but they respect your right to make your own mistakes, have your own opinions, and walk the path you choose.

  • vicent lou

    you are who you are ms golds and thats more than enough to brighten everyone’s world,WUT WE SEE–IS WUT WE GET!

  • sheila rama

    what a great friend

  • sarah mae aguilar

    i wonder why where is ms irish golda now, cant find her on fb and some sites where she was featured.is she married?

  • anonymous

    i think she’s broken hearted with her relationship with a married man.

  • daryl armentano

    a true friend loves you anyway

  • ernan nocete

    i dont trust anybody, i dont have trusted friends

  • donald heard

    Love makes us crazy but lust makes us really, really stupid!

  • khrista neil

    i have a very good friend, im blessd to have him. he is paul mathew

  • Nancy_ASL

    True friends. What really distinguish from a normal friend, well, true friends are someone who we can easily approach to when we have problems, see the hidden pain inside us even though we give the fake smile on our face. They are the ones who understood you in and out, know you deep inside, and stay truthful listeners to you 🙂

  • Lebrioncent Lebo Mokgoje

    someone i used to know once told me that a true friend is that some one who goes straight into your house and say ” i’m home’.
    For me this days i’m loosing the meaning of a friend and yesterday i saw myself dying because of some friendships i have.

  • Jing Ting

    True friends are those who will stay in to help you write 1000 sentences when you get detention.
    True friends are those who will lend you a helping hand when you need it.
    True friends are those who like you and accept you because of who you are, not what you have.
    True friends are those who are good and truthful listeners.