18 Mind-Boggling 60-Year-Old Girl Memes

Childhood is a tricky thing. So is elderhood. To deal with the situation, it’s only proper to meet halfway. Hence, an image of a girl with a hairstyle┬áto die for. That and a pair of life-changing glasses. Her smile seems to exude content and peace it must be because she’s using her new cane today. Candy cane. Cane. What?

The 60-year-old girl is the world’s answer to our penchant for time travel theories. Scroll for these 60-year-old girl memes and there may be clues somewhere.

Brings Juice Box To School

Eye Test Day At School

Falls Down At School

Falls Off The Swing

Falls On The Playground

Gets A Dollhouse

Gets Allowance

Goes Swimming

Graduates From Elementary School

Hasn’t Hit Puberty

I’ll Trade You My Snack Pack

Keeps Her Halloween Candy

Loses Baby Teeth

My E-Z Bake Oven

Night Is Thursday

Plays Bridge On Thursdays

Sells Girl Scout Cookies

Sent To Principal’s Office

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