18 Uber Relatable 404 Not Found Memes


We’re pretty sure every single one of us has gotten this error at least once when surfing on the internet. For those who have miraculously never gotten this error before, the HTTP 404 error essentially happens when your browser has successfully connected to a given server, but the server in question was unable to find and give back what was being requested. This results in the titular 404, Page Not Found error to appear and tell you what’s up.

We were tempted to make it so that clicking on this post would just give you a 404 error, but luckily for you, we resisted so that you can check out the hilarious memes we’ve found on 404 below!

404 Apartment Not Found

404 not found apartment meme

Enjoy Your Meal

404 not found brain meme

404 Error

404 not found broke the internet meme

Error 404 Car Not Found

404 not found car meme

Cat Error 404

404 not found cat meme

Error 404

404 not found content meme

Webmasters Be Like

404 not found dude wheres my car meme

Everytime I Order Pizza

404 not found everytime i order pizza meme

Execute Order 404

404 not found execute order meme

Error 404: Feelings Not Found

404 not found feelings meme

404 Page Not Found

404 not found first 403 meme

So Where’s All That Karma You’ve Been Talking About

404 not found karma meme

Googles My Valentine

404 not found my valentine meme

Peach Not Found

404 not found peach meme

Error 404: Road Not Found

404 not found road meme

404 Not Found

404 not found the sacred texts meme

404: Tile Not Found

404 not found tile meme

Sorry But We Were Unable To Find What You Were Looking For

404 not found very demotivational meme

Ask your friends if they’ve encountered this error before, and make sure to share these memes with them if you found them amusing!