25 Rick and Morty Memes And Intergalactic Humor


Rick and Morty are just goofballs, and it’s fun to watch their countless inter-dimentional antics unfold. If you’re not familiar with the series, it follows the misadventures of Morty and his genius, mad-scientist of a grandfather, Rick, across the galaxy as well as their more normal lives back on Earth—well, as normal as you can get with these two, anyway.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder so many memes have been made of them! The show is practically a goldmine of bizarre non-family-friendly comedy. Here are some of our favorite ones below.

When All Your Friends Only Talk About Game Of Thrones

introduce rick and morty meme

Me Introducing My Alien Girlfriend

rick and morty area 51 meme

When You See Your Crush

rick and morty crush meme

When Someone Tries To Hurt Your Feelings

rick and morty dead inside meme

When You’re Feeling Sad

rick and morty feeling sad meme

When You Find Out Your Friend Likes Rick And Morty Too

rick and morty friend meme

When It’s 3am

rick and morty game meme

When You Read The Actual Ingredients

rick and morty ingredients meme

When You Slowly Watch Your Life

rick and morty life out of control meme

Telling Your Little Bro

rick and morty little bro meme

Roses Are Lame

rick and morty love is fake meme

When Your Emotional Breakdown Is Over

rick and morty overdramatic post meme

Having A Panic Attack

rick and morty panic attack meme

When You’re Deletins Songs

rick and morty playlist meme

When The Puzzle Says

rick and morty puzzle meme

When The Relationship Seems To Be Going Too Well

rick and morty relationship meme

When You’re Sad

rick and morty sad meme

When You Were Having A Great Dream

rick and morty shitty life meme

When You Both Really Like Each Other

rick and morty socially awkward meme

Three Different Stages

rick and morty stages of getting drunk meme

When Your Parents Ask 

rick and morty szechuan sauce meme

Trump Defending His Ideas

rick and morty trump meme

When Your Uber Driver Is Kinda Sketchy

rick and morty uber meme

When You’re Offered An Unpaid Internship

rick and morty unpaid internship meme

Writing A Paper The Night Before

rick and morty writing a paper meme

Did you like the ones we’ve picked? If you want to challenge yourself, see if you can remember which episode each meme comes from!