20 The Matrix Memes Dedicated to the Resistance


In 1999, the first of The Matrix film franchise was released. That year didn’t just mark the movie’s premiere, it also marked the time when Keanu Reeves became the god of cool. His computer programmer character, Neo, lives in a simulated reality devised by villainous machines and he was that special to feel something was off.

Sensing the world isn’t what it seems to be must be a good soft skill because that’s how you get all the good black leather outfit. Its global success led to the creation of the sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions in 2003.

Many years later and here we are, still swooning over Keanu in his all-black ensemble, his good hair, and his bullet-dodging forte. Of course, don’t forget Morpheus looking philosophical 24/7 and Trinity with her timeless beauty and how she’s limber in a tight leather one piece (probably a glitch in the matrix).

Scroll below for these 20 The Matrix memes.

Storming Area 51

the matrix area 51 memes

The Story Of The Matrix Backwards

the matrix backwards memes

What If I Told You Being Religious Doesn’t Make You A Good Person

the matrix being religious memes

Take The Blue Pill

the matrix blue and red pill memes

I’ve Got A Bug To Report

the matrix bug to report memes

Bulletproof Vests Were Invented In The 1890s

the matrix bulletproof vests memes

What If I Told You I Can’t See A Damn Thing

the matrix cant see a damn thing memes

What If I Told You Clean Machine Doesn’t Mean That The Machine Is Clean

the matrix clean machine memes

When Someone Tries To Shoot You

the matrix dead inside memes

A Glitch In The Matrix

the matrix glitch memes


the matrix exams meme

He Is The One

the matrix he is the one memes

Do Your Homework

the matrix homework memes

You Can Eat Without Posting It On Instagram

the matrix instagram memes

When I Get A Girl Friend Who Plays Minecraft

the matrix minecraft memes

When You Trying To Do Matrix Memes To Get On The Keanu Reeves Love Train

the matrix trying to do memes

When In Doubt: Use Sissy Slap

the matrix use sissy slap memes

I’m Wearing Two Sunglasses

the matrix wearing two sunglasses memes

When Someone Like Me

the matrix when someone like me memes

Who Would Win

the matrix who would win memes

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