Why A Daughter Needs A Dad



  1. SS says

    I appreciate the truth of it though as a daughter who was abandoned by her father, it pains my heart.

  2. Chris says

    It makes me fucking sad because I don’t have a father. :(
    In a way it’s true though, as long as the father is good.

  3. J says

    This is bullshit really…..fuck the artist and fuck anyone who this picture doesn’t make you want to go punch some dumb whore in the face…..men who hurt them my fucking ass. The picture should be called why bitches need to get their head out of their ass and realize they are an equal player in the infidelities of mankind.

  4. Coryn says

    Sure dads aren’t perfect and frankly some dads can hurt you worse than guys ever will because your dad is your blood and its more personal. Boys can come and go but you can’t change your bloodline. But even though my dad may upset me or disappoint me I can have peace in knowing that I have a heavenly Father that never will.

  5. Tav says

    …this is very true…but some arent lucky enough to have a good dad…some have abusive dads. some like me. but i still know from my friends dad that this is very true

  6. says

    I happen to be a very involved father but keep in mind that not all paternal figures need to be the dad. I have a very good friend that is a grandfather but is the strongest father figure in his gdaughter’s life. I thank god for any loving role model in every child’s life!

  7. Jim says

    I reject the Sexist, Androphobic and or Patronizing comment that a Daughter needs a dad to redress the harm that other males have or will inflict upon her.

    This was obviously the insidious work of the bigoted anti male lobby who avail of every opportunity to degrade men. Those Damn gender bigots!

    The reasons for why a Daughter needs a Dad are the same as for why she needs a Mom, no more no less!

  8. srreeder417 says

    I agree With this.
    Also, My dad died when i was little and so i never really had a fatherly figure to show me what a loving man looks like. so ive been through a lot of rough relationships. but knowing that I, too have a heavenly father who will never leve or forsake me makes me :)

  9. says

    Becasue a dads love will never end for his Angels when they are crushed in family court. Have you ever heard of the saying “Daddy’s Girls”, that’s what my daughters are to me and always will be. (www.kylecoon.com) I wrote a book about my daugnters, the only abuse they have ever encountered was from the family courts, that’s what I learned under the sun!

  10. manaswi says

    He tells every for our sake.but we couldnt understand when we alive.advice for daughters and sons is please do what ur father said.
    its from a daughter who last her dad.

  11. jasmine says

    my dad died when i was 10 and i dont remember him…i cry, though i dont know who im crying for. once i had a dream and he was in it and when i woke up it took me a long time to figure out who the stranger in my dream was