That Person Will Always Find A Way To Make Time For You

Quit Your Job



  1. anon says

    This kind of bullshit only brings more depression into out lifes. Stop mellowing on dumb love stories, none of it is true, we’re all human and prone on commiting errors.

  2. Terrie says

    Thank you anon. It is true. People make mistakes, and are complex. Nothing is as simple as this cutsey pie picture would have you believe.

  3. huni says

    Geez dude….hard core truth in your words. love wat you saying nd i agree totally with you.

  4. Ralph says

    Yeah, I guess some people are just lucky in love. I’m 49 and I still haven’t had such a relationship. It’s hopeless.

  5. Ralph says

    I don’t think it will ever happen. I don’t know how to have a relationship. It’s okay for the most part. Nah! Who am Itry to kid.

  6. Jinx says

    You either find someone or you don’t. But even if we do, there’s no way to be sure we’ll be happy. Just that we’ll have a very strong will to live after that, because that person will find a way inside our walls and know how to make us regain our strength, because they are there for us.

  7. jennie says

    I never thought I’d find “that person”, and thanks to the deviant artist… But I finally have, and there’s another puzzle piece that just was exactly what fit mine in this puzzle we call life. Have hope. It is rare. Can’t be sought or forced. There’s those who’ll hurt us & others we may hurt along the way… But with 1000% honesty & confidence, I know I’ve been lucky enough and have the battle wounds to show I finally have THAT loved one who will always make time for me, and I for him. Good luck to you all still struggling, it was when I vowed to take a year away from dating & life’s major changes that I figured out ME, how to love myself, so that someone else could. Completely & purely, without hesitation or doubt.

  8. priscilla smith says

    Never say you will be too busy to acknowledge someone you say that you love.

  9. Milene says

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  10. Linda. Lisak says

    Never, ever give up. Be yourself – the law of attraction will find someone who is right for you. Like yourself. Laugh. It will happen. God Bless