Learn From The Past Quotes

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Learn From The Past Quotes



  1. Adam says

    So It’s okay to be a dick, since no matter what, it’ll be in the past? And It’s their choice to run or learn from it? But you’ll still be a dick? Dick.

  2. ashley says

    learn what, that he should stand farther away from the baboon with the stick?
    this is fucking stupid, and that baboon is fucking stupid.
    and a dick.

  3. Chadd says

    @Ashley Have you never seen the movie? Right after, he swings it again and Simba ducks. Thus learning to NOT get hit by the stick. Giant metaphor you could take from the but the base subject is he learned to dodge the stick.

  4. The Calk says

    The Lion King is referring to events. On the other hand, you are referring to a personality trait. It is apples and oranges my friend.