If You Don’t Understand My Silence



  1. seriously? says

    this is hands down one of the dumbest sayings ive EVER had the displeasure of reading.

  2. ewasfd says

    This is retarded. Language was invented to communicate ideas. Sure, silence can communicate ideas, but it requires a lot more skill in communication.

  3. afixed says

    I really think this is meant to be a more personal saying, and doesn’t mean literal silence. If you can’t understand someone’s presence, without having them explain it to you, then anything they say will remain a facsimile, and nothing deeper.

  4. Brooke says

    He’s/She’s not talking about silence literally, this is a very powerful quote if you think about it.

  5. countrysherpa says

    its a powerful love saying….its difficult to understand when he/she is silence….but i am not a GOD …

  6. thisquotemademylifehell says

    agree with countrysherpa….. we’re not a GOD.

    Silence can never be a solution, if you’re silent and don’t utter any word then actually you’re raising the problem because other won’t know why you’re silent…. if may be because you want him to understand something or he may think that you don’t like him.

  7. armchairphilosopher says

    for one to be silent is a thinker, and for one to run their mouth is shallow minded, so when silence speaks it’s not understood.
    take it from one who knows.

  8. Starr Vann says

    Pretty sure this has more personal meanings; such as the day of silence. If you used your brains -__-

  9. Asif Mir says

    if we say something about love seriously, then No need to say anything,,, because love is not name of say something exactly. its name of feelings(LOVE)