A Fake Smile Can Hide A Million Tears



  1. ananya says

    i show a big smile always on my face but it doesn’t mean that my heart is also smiling. Its just a good mask to hide my tears. There is so much behind my smile but i choose to show a smile only.

  2. ananya says

    its not easy to hold tears in eyes but i do by hiding behind a fake smile because i don’t want to let ppl know that they r the reason behind my tears.

  3. ananya says

    life is too short to hide feelings so don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel. You never know if they have the same feelings.

  4. ananya says

    its easy to say,”don’t cry over someone who will not cry over u” but as soon as we say this we remember the one over whome we cried and who was never cried over us.

  5. maleyz says

    during the day i fake my best smile to hide my sorrows and pretend as if everything is fine..during the night i cry my poor soul out.i am dying in the inside and i dont see this coming to an end